The flight case, “air box”, was created for the needs of air transport. It meant a case with a special construction in which various types of contents were transported, requiring special treatment. It was characterized by high durability at a low weight. And it is these two features that caused the flight case to become a fast-paced packaging for transporting electronics and other devices, not just by air.

Ideal for travel.

Music, lighting, electronic or sound equipment are extremely expensive work tools that require much attention and caution. They are exposed to the greatest damage or destruction during transport, both by air, as well as by land or rail. Paradoxically, they are exposed to the least danger during operation, but most during assembly, disassembly and transport.

Flight case technology

The flight case technology is based on an aluminum profile system. All the edges of the case are secured and they determine the safety of the transported devices to the greatest extent, increasing the stiffness of the structure. Steel-zinc corners secured with additional casings limit the influence of external negative stimuli. All elements of flight case technology are connected employing rivets that also influence the quality of transport.

Corner profiles form a structural framework, which is filled with the walls entering the gaps inside the profile. The walls are made of waterproof phenol plywood. All edges of the case lid top and bases are finished with special profiles providing stiffness. The profiles also protect the contents against penetration of fine debris into the case. In the variant of profiles equipped with special gaskets, the content is also protected against penetration into the interior, e.g. water.

Interior finish of the case is equally important. Technical foam that protects the content against hitting or moving during transport is the most common.

Flight case technology has been fully taken over by transport and cargo logistics. It is always used to pack delicate, poorly resistant to shocks and hardships of travel contents.